Does your moisturizer Measure up?

Does your moisturizer Measure up?

 Moisturizers can absolutely make skin worse, Some products can be incorrectly formulated, not only allowing moisture to escape but literally sucking it out of your skin.

 So how do you go about choosing a good moisturizer

your moisturizer should have the right ingredients—and as few of the wrong ones as possible.

An ideal moisturizer should:

Restore the lipid barrier, Have an affordable price, Absorb immediately

That's why you always want to scan a cream's ingredients list before you buy it.

Now, here's what should be in your moisturizer so you can get that youthful glowy complexion


"Humectants are ingredients used To improve dry skin, these substances attract water from both the air and the deeper layers of your skin in order to hydrate the top layer of face.

Examples of humectants include

  • Glycerin
  • Hyaluronic acid

Aloe and even honey

But you won't get long-lasting results from a face cream that ONLY contains humectant. You need a little help from the skin barriers to prevent the moisture from escaping and to actually repair your skin. 

Those are called Occlusives

These are ingredients that form a protective barrier on your skin to prevent moisture loss. 


Examples of occlusives include:

  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lanolin and yes good ole Beeswax

As you can imagine, the "perfect" moisturizer probably doesn't exist, based on the challenges of formulating this type of product.

This is why I love KCB Herbal Silk Moisturizer. All the ingredients You need from humectants, to Occlusives and all is listed right on the back so you know what you are getting.  

Creamy white with the light scent of herbs.revitalize and refresh sluggish skin. leaves a light protective moisture barrier that helps smooth skin texture- with Vitamin E which is high in barrier-repairing you have all your fatty acids, ceramide precursors, hyaluronic acid and amino acids—all in a super affordable, light cream. plus glycerin and squalane. A little goes a long way!

Now you know what to look for in a face cream—if you need one.  And in case you’re looking to make a switch in your everyday moisturizer, I recommend KCB herbal silk moisturizer.  With our 30 day try to love it. I can guarantee you won’t be returning it… (Laugh)

Let me know in the comments below Which moisturizer ingredients do you look for?

Which ones do you avoid? 


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