Hi! I’m Kelyn Nash, founder of K Cherin Corp and Beauty. I was born and raised in the Caribbean and am a proud wife and mother of two handsome boys.


I'm just a natural born creator! ​I've always had a passion for all things creative…even so much so that I was told I started coloring, drawing, and painting before I could even walk! My love for makeup began back in my high school's bathroom with my best friend. She's the one who actually introduced me to the beauty world.We had a routine every morning where we would meet to do our makeup together before class and it was during these moments that I realized I was in love with the art. This lasted up until she graduated, though I still continued on my own because makeup had become such a big part of my life. Shortly thereafter however, this changed once I joined the military. Makeup had to be put on the backburner due to restrictions during basic training. Though I missed my facial canvas, I proudly served my country with the same passion.


After I left the military, I decided to venture into expressing my creative side through graphic design, but it was while doing direct sales to earn extra income that I re-developed my passion for makeup. Along with it, I discovered my passion for PEOPLE. I found that I'm truly motivated by helping others feel great about themselves, so I decided I wanted to invest more time into my craft. With no formal training, I have perfected my talent throughout the years by relentless practicing and taking courses whenever I could. Currently, I take pride in educating myself on the latest trends and styles of makeup. I also attend national events to learn new skills and techniques in order to deliver top notch service to my clients. Also, my makeup kit has only the best professional products so that my clients will look and FEEL their best.


Being an Army veteran ( I proudly served for over 8 years) has made me very organized, disciplined, and attentive to timing which are all good characteristics for the beauty industry. Despite my positive business attributes however, I still needed a certification to back me up in my makeup artistry. I then enrolled in esthetician school in 2018 and graduated in 2019. Esthetician school ignited a passion within me for skincare and I have been on fire ever since. My main objective is to help women transform their skin so that they can become more confident without wearing makeup. Though makeup was my first love, I stand on the fact that it is an addition to the natural beauty that we as women already possess!


It has been a long and well worth journey, and now you are looking at the finished product… an emerging marketplace for your skin type within your price range. 😉